Nerve Blocks

Nerve Blocks

At Scottsdale Liberty Hospital, nerve blocks are a type of minimally invasive procedure that is commonly used and have been shown to help relieve chronic pain due to nerve inflammation or damage.

What are nerve blocks?

A nerve block is an injection of pain relieving medication that may include a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid.

What can I expect from the procedure?

Nerve blocks are non-surgical and minimally invasive, and most patients are able to return home the same day. The area where the injection will be administered will be numbed with a local anesthetic, and the medical team at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital will use fluoroscopy (live x-ray guidance) to find the nerve that is causing pain. Once the correct place has been determined, the injection will be administered. Many patients feel pain relief within a few days after the procedure, but may also experience temporary soreness, pain, or weakness at the injection site.

What are the benefits of nerve blocks?

For those who experience chronic pain conditions that involve the nerves, these blocks can relieve pain and increase function. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), trigeminal neuralgia (face pain), and chronic low back pain are all conditions that may benefit from nerve blocks.

Who is an ideal candidate for nerve blocks?

Patients who suffer from chronic pain that is nerve related may be good candidates for nerve blocks. Those who have chronic pain conditions that are muscle or joint related may not be a good candidate for nerve blocks, as the goal of this treatment is to calm the nerve response that causes pain.