Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

The pharmacy services at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital aim to advance health through excellence and innovation in patient care, pharmacy education, research, and public service. We currently offer inpatient pharmacy services.

Patient Care and Outcomes

Maintaining a safe, efficient system for dispensing medication is of our utmost priority. Our team is dedicated to identifying, resolving, and preventing drug-related complications. This program allows for the pharmacy team to work with our medical providers to collaboratively monitor each patient's response to his or her medications.


The Pharmacy department promotes an environment designed to advance the knowledge of the use of medications while serving as a resource to the medical and nursing staff.

Drug selection, dosage, and route of administration are important factors in the care of our patients. Our pharmacists provide expert knowledge in managing drug therapy and they are available to answer any questions, or provide private counseling and education.


Pharmacological decisions are supported by evidence-based medicine through research on medication use and patient safety. Patient safety is fundamental to all that we do at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital. It's what drives us to embrace the latest innovations and ensure best practices so we can be sure to deliver optimal pharmaceutical care to every patient.