Bariatric Surgery

At Scottsdale Liberty Hospital, our qualified team of experts address severe obesity with bariatric surgery procedures. Gastric bypass is the most common type of surgery, as it generally has fewer possible complications and lower risk than other types of bariatric surgery. Other weight loss surgeries include gastric band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy.  These surgeries alter the anatomy of the stomach to reduce its size, limiting the amount of food one is able to eat. With this limitation on calories, the body begins to lose weight.

Weight loss surgeries are recommended when a patient has serious health issues (or is at risk for developing these issues) because of their weight.

All weight loss procedures should still be regarded as serious surgical procedures, and it should be noted that there are risks of side effects. Permanent, healthy lifestyle changes must be made to support the results of the weight loss surgery, or the patient is at risk for regaining the weight.

The bariatric surgery team at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital may recommend ongoing treatment and support from a variety of medical professionals, including nutritionists or dieticians, endocrinologists, and psychiatrists or psychologists.