Medical Staff Services is responsible for all credentialing & re-credentialing of the Medical Staff and the AHPs. Medical Staff Services keeps the Scottsdale Liberty Hospital departments apprised of current/new Medical Staff Members and AHPs and their clinical privileges, providing department support as needed.

Credentialing Process

The process begins when a request for an application is received from the practitioner; please contact the Medical Staff Services office listed below for an application.

Phone: (480) 586-2295
Fax: (480) 586-2221

Once medical staff membership and privileges have been established, physicians and AHPs enter a Provisional Staff period for one (and not more than) two years. At the end of the Provisional period, they are eligible to apply for full staff privileges. Reappointments are for a period of up to two years. The credentialing process is in accordance with CMS standards, and state and federal regulations.

Our Physicians

The physicians on staff at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital undergo a thorough credentialing process to ensure each member has sufficiently demonstrated the ability to practice in his or her specialty. We welcome applications and look forward to the opportunity to grow our partnerships.