What To Expect From Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Needing a total joint replacement surgery may sound scary, but the surgeons at Scottsdale Liberty Hospital want patients to know they are in good hands. In fact, many of the SLH orthopedic surgeons perform total joint replacement procedures on a weekly or monthly basis, making it a very common surgery for patients with severe joint degeneration.

Additionally, our orthopedic surgeons have an extensive background in reconstruction surgeries, using a variety of surgical techniques from the traditional open surgery to minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, to help patients achieve impeccable results.

Patients with the following symptoms are usually considered candidates for this procedure:

  • Severe, chronic pain in the knee joint that impairs daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, or sitting and standing.
  • Chronic knee inflammation that does not improve with medication or interventional treatment.
  • Knee deformities that cause the bowing of your knee.

These symptoms are common in patients with severe arthritis. While there are no concrete age or weight restrictions with this procedure, obese or dangerously overweight individuals may need to lose weight before they can undergo total knee joint replacement surgery. This procedure can be performed on young adults and teenagers with juvenile arthritis, but more often than not, it’s performed on patients between the ages of 50 and 80.

The type of total knee joint replacement surgery that’s done on a patient is dependent on their condition and symptoms. While most patients fair better with minimally invasive surgery, there is a chance traditional open surgery is required for patients with extensive damage to the knee joint.

The bottom line is, patients need to have realistic expectations about this surgery. Total joint replacement surgery can significantly reduce pain and improve function, but it doesn’t guarantee unlimited walking, swimming, golfing, hiking, running, and biking abilities. Patients will be able to return to their daily activities without total discomfort, but when it comes to performing frequent high and low-impact activities, the knee replacement will not allow you to do more things than what could be done before developing arthritis.

To prepare for surgery, patients may need to undergo a medical evaluation, imaging tests, dental and urinary evaluations, and medication management. Additionally, patients will need to make several modifications to their home and possibly commit to physical therapy to prevent injury. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming total knee joint replacement surgery, call Scottsdale Liberty Hospital today.

We will help you get into contact with your surgeon so that you can be well prepared for your procedure.

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